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I am Listening

The practice of listening goes beyond words. We can listen to sensations in our bodies. We can listen to our thoughts. We can listen to the sounds around us. We can also listen to the energy within us and around us. What is this energy telling you about how you are tending to your self? Does your energy feel safe and peaceful? Are there times when your energy feels wild and out of control? What makes your energy calm down? What activities/people disturb your energy?

Energy is the vibrational force of life moving within us and around us. We can feel when we are rhythmically moving with this energy and we can also feel when we are creating dissonance with the energy of life. Use this week to tune into how you are moving with life and how you are moving against life. Slowing down enough to listen, tune in and connect with the natural world around you. This is the practice of self care of our energy body.

Our mantra for the week is...

I am listening to what I need

I am attuned to the needs of my body, mind, spirit

I am open to listening to what I need

Our journaling prompt is…

Where am I focusing my energy? How does this make me feel?

How am I taking care of myself or showing up for myself? Is this aligned with what I need?

What does healthy energy feel like in my body?

What does your ideal day look like? Be specific - why is this day so perfect? What energy and rhythm of life to you crave?

And our meditation is...

Find a comfortable seat. This can be sitting on the floor, in a chair. This can be laying down or even standing with support. You can choose to keep your eyes open or close them gently.

Connect to the sensation of your breath. Say "I am breathing in. I am breathing out." for 7-10 breaths. Be here in the breath.

I am connected to the energy of the universe

I am open to receiving the loving energy of the world around me

I align my energy with love and the natural rhythm of nature

My energy is abundant, calm, peaceful and it allows me to live life joyfully

I welcome in the loving and abundant energy of the universe

Continue to say these statements, watching the response in your mind, your body, your heart. Using your own words, continue to express your openness to receiving energy and love. Allow yourself as much time as you need to listen to what your body, mind and spirit need.

Pause and allow yourself plenty of time to slowly return to your day.


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