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Yoga Class?

Bee Well Yoga Teachers
Warm Power Flow (45 mins)

This is a short and sweet power flow for days when you're really short on time but still want to invigorate your soul.  In this shorter sequence, you will move your body in all directions, create some heat and leave feeling energized.  It's like a morning shot of espresso to move energy through the body and get you ready for your day.

Slow Flow (60 mins)

This is a much slower version of our power flow - with a few less chaturangas (and no heat) - but with the same focus on breath and movement.  If you are a beginner, injured or just interested in a slower paced foundational practice this class is for you.  Props are encouraged to facilitate the body's movement into each pose.  Emphasis is on clear healthy alignment, breath awareness, and simple meditation techniques. There are no prerequisites - you don’t need to be able to touch your toes!

Power Flow (60 mins) 

Turn stress into sweat with this heated, energizing class. This class is a vigorous 60 minutes for all-levels that has inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, and inversions guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind. Expect to get stronger, expand your knowledge of yoga, balance and detoxify your body and mind, and connect with your breath.

Lunch Flow (45 mins)

A light and fun class that's room temperature so you won't get super sweaty and only 45 minutes so you can squeeze it into your workday. Vinyasa movement for mid-day rejuvenation, breathing techniques for stress relief, and deep stretching to relieve aches and pains make this class perfect for energizing your afternoon. 

Relax & Restore (60 mins)

True relaxation can be elusive. Most people don't spend a lot of time practicing this essential skill. Relax and Restore is meant to cultivate that practice - the practice of conscious relaxation. Floor poses with long holds and lots of props will allow your body to open up more deeply, provide the perfect antidote to stress, fight fatigue and improve sleep. 

Yin Yummy (45 mins)

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body - the tendons, fascia, and ligaments - and are held for longer periods of time. The aim is to increase circulation to the joints and improve flexibility and range of motion. Yin is the perfect compliment to a Power Flow - it is "duration over sensation," so you may not feel that stretch when you first get into a pose, but you will have a deeper release as you relax into it.  Yin Yummy is a delicious way to find wellness on your mat.  Yummy!  **Great for runners, bikers, triathletes, cross-fitters, world travelers,  and anyone who has tight hips and/or low back pain.

The Deep Chill (75 mins)

Come experience a long, slow, deep class that is a therapeutic alternative to our Power Flow.   In this class you will experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer, giving massive areas such as hamstrings, hips, and shoulders more time to release and go deeper into poses. A yoga nidra (a guided relaxation) seals the end of this class - bringing awareness throughout the body, and leaving you with a sense of deep calm, quiet and clarity. This is truly an amazing routine yet we rarely leave the floor.

bBarreless (60 mins)

A barre class without the barre. BBarreless is a mind-body connection class that combines the disciplines of yoga, ballet, and pilates to create balance.   This class uses props and transitions from standing moves to floor exercises.  You will strengthen your core, arms, shoulders, glute, hip and thigh muscles - it's a class to help you tone and sculpt, making you stronger from the inside and preventing any future injuries.  Get your booty to the mat!

Prenatal Yoga (60 mins)**

This practice is safe and healthy for you and your developing baby, can help form and strengthen the child/mother bond, create community with other pregnant women and prepare you for childbirth. You will learn how to bring awareness to your body through strengthening poses, breath awareness, vocal toning, stretching and mindfulness exercises.


**This class is included in the monthly membership and class packages but not included in the $25 for 10-days introductory offer.

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