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Commitment To Our

Little Free Pantry


The Little Free Pantry sits right outside the Beehive and helps to feed families who are currently experiencing food insecurity. Leave what you can, take what you need. 


It's open 24 hours so stop by when you can.


Popular items? 

  • Things you can pack in a lunchbox. 

  • Proteins - canned tuna and salmon

  • Soup individually packaged 

  • Noodles - ramen & Mac & cheese 

  • Peanut butter and Jelly

  • Oatmeal 

  • Fruit 

  • ️ Snacks - fruit snacks, dried fruit, sandwich crackers, cereal bars, protein bars

Thank You for Helping our NWA Community

Community Yoga of the Month

We are also dedicated to helping support and bring awareness to local non-profits in our community.  We do this by offering community yoga where we collect donations. These donations are matched by Bee Well and shared with our charity of the month. Here is a list of non-profits we have helped in the past.


If you would like to considered as our charity of the month, please send us an email (

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