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Yoga for


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Yoga for You and Your Baby

Move. Breathe. Connect. Thrive.


We are passionate about birth and mothers feeling well during pregnancy and after.  At Bee Well, we have many classes that can be tailored for YOU and BABY throughout your pregnancy.  Just be sure to talk to your instructor before taking a class to ask for any specific adjustments.  Our recommendations?  Yin Yummy, Restorative, Deep Chill or any of our Lunch Flow classes.


Looking for a prenatal yoga teacher?  Allisson is not only a prenatal yoga instructor, but also a trained doula.

Postpartum? Be sure to check out our workshop schedule for postpartum pop-up workshops.

Ready to jump back into yoga after baby? We have a special NEW MOM membership - $59 for 9 months (anytime during the first year of your baby's birth). Call or stop by the studio to sign up.

Prenatal Series with Allisson Butler-Kublanov

Taught by Allisson Butler-Kublanov, a DONA trained doula, this 6-week series covers a new topic each week from breathing techniques for labor and delivery to poses that alleviate the pains of pregnancy. Each class includes a gentle yoga flow, breathing techniques, meditation, and a restorative practice that will impact how you approach your pregnancy, birth experience, and postpartum care. Through group discussions, you will have the opportunity to bond with other women and share the beautiful experience of growing a new life on your journey to motherhood.


Cost: $149


**NOTE:  minimum enrollment 5/maximum enrollment 12

cost includes - 6, 75 minute classes, follow-up material/emails each week, interactive Facebook group discussion and the book Birthing from Within.

Next Prenatal Class Starts February 19th 7pm.  Register here

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