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Breathing In, I am Calm

Our breath has the power to calm our nervous system. Using our breath we are able to slow our heart rate, feel our thoughts settle, lower our blood pressure, allow our muscles to relax and bring more oxygen to the cells in our body. It's a beautiful practice to bring our attention to the breath and choose to mindfully breathe. This is a simple tool that we can use everyday to feel more alive and at ease in our bodies. The more we practice, the more patterns of stressful breathing can be re-formed and over time we begin to feel a deeper sense of peace and a calmer attitude towards life.

Our mantra for the week is...

I am breathing in and I am breathing out, and in this moment, I am calm

As I breathe in, I feel my body calm

Breathing in, I feel my mind calm

Breathing in, I feel my emotions calm

Breathing in, I feel my energy calm

Breathing in, I feel my connection to the beauty of all living things. I am calm.

Our journaling prompt is…

Where in your body do you feel calm and relaxed?

Where in your body do you feel tense, worried, stressed or uncomfortable?

What is asking for attention?

And our meditation is...

Find a comfortable seat.

Allow your body to relax. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Say "I am breathing in. I am breathing out." for 7-10 breaths. With each exhale feel the body relax a little more.

As you feel the body relax, you may come in and out of awareness of the breath, how the body is feeling. You may find yourself lost in thought. Let all this happen naturally. Allow emotions to rise and fall. Welcome in the whole experience.

Listen. Be with the experience of the breath.

Begin the 4-2-7 breath

Breathe in for a count of 4

Hold the breath for a count of 2

Breathe out for a count of 7

Continue this cycle 5-10 times (or longer) Breathe slowly, take your time. What insight comes up as you experience this way of breathing? What do you want to remember from this experience? Take a moment to express gratitude for the wisdom of your breath.

Pause and allow yourself plenty of time to slowly return to your day.

Do you live in Northwest Arkansas? Join us for a yoga flow, a restorative yoga practice, a sound meditation, or a meditation class in our studio in Rogers, AR - located at Village on the Creeks. This month we are talking about the breath.


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