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We kicked off 2024 with an intention workshop where we chatted and shared about joy, gratitude, letting go and dreaming big. Each Sunday in January, I'll write expand on each topic with mantras, journaling exercises and mediation practice suggestions.

This week I'll expand on the topic of JOY. Happiness is a momentary emotion while joy is sustained. This peaceful calm and entertainment by the simple things in life. I love the "stop the train" practice that Brene Brown talks about in her article on Oprah's website.

Brene has dedicated her life to research on joy, gratitude, resilience, empathy, vulnerability and all the emotions of the heart. She's one of my favorite podcasters and I love reading her research. She knows (and I'm sure you do too) that we all experience fear and overwhelm. But what to do about it? Stop the train. Stop your thought process and say instead, "I am feeling vunerable". Next state something you are grateful for - replace the thought of fear with one of gratitude. Then practice doing this over and over again.

Want some more's our practice for the week.

Our mantra for the week is...

More and more I am opening up to Joy.

I see the abundance of Joy in my life.

I invite Joy into my life.

Our journaling prompt is…

Think of a time from 2023 that sparks the emotion of joy. What were you doing? Who were you with? What do you feel in your body as you remember this moment(s)?

Write for 5-20 minutes. Put it aside and come back tomorrow to see if you notice any themes emerging.

And our meditation is...

An invitation to sit with a joyful memory. Just simply remember a joyful moment from this week, last week, 10 years ago or anytime in your life.


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