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Ritual is Self Care

Ritual is not a luxury. Self care is not a luxury. Both practices allow us to calm our bodies, calm our minds, connect to our spiritual bodies and connect to our communities. Think about the rituals you engage in and how much meaning they have - graduations, birthday celebrations, holidays - and the smaller daily rituals that provide soothing comfort and meaning to your daily life...waking rituals, sleeping rituals, rituals around meals.

I have morning rituals at my home and at the yoga studio. I send reiki energy thru my home and thru the studio every morning - calming the energy, inviting healing, wellness and wholeness, welcoming in love, kindness, compassion and grace for all who walk thru these spaces.

This week, explore your rituals and welcoming in all that is meaningful to you.

Our mantra for the week is...

Rituals connect me to my body, mind and spirit.

I am open to creating meaningful rituals in my life.

Ritual connects me to the community around me.

Our journaling prompt is…

What are your favorite everyday rituals?

Are there any rituals would you like to create?

Why is ritual important to you?

And our meditation is...

Find a comfortable seat. This can be sitting on the floor, in a chair. This can be laying down or even standing with support. You can choose to keep your eyes open or close them gently.

Connect to the sensation of your breath. Say "I am breathing in. I am breathing out." for 7-10 breaths. Be here in the breath.

I welcome the practice of ritual into my life.

I welcome in good energy and vitality

I welcome in love, compassion and kindness

I welcome in gentleness and truth

I welcome in connection and community

Continue to say these statements, watching the response in your mind, your body, your heart. Using your own words, continue to express your openness to self care and loving kindness. Allow yourself as much time as you need to listen to what your body, mind and spirit need.

Pause and allow yourself plenty of time to slowly return to your day.


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