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I am in love with Essential Oils.  The more I learn, the more I want to share.  If you have happened upon this page...maybe you want to learn more too.  I can't tell you how these oils have changed my family life - from allergies to headaches, and from moods and concentration to sore muscles - you just need to experience them yourself.  We are loving our journey and invite you along to explore, experiment and potentially find some healthier, natural remedies for you.  Just take a look!

Here are a few examples on how my family has used Young Living's Everyday Oils Collection:


Lavender - allergies, minor burns, bruises, rashes, insomnia, sunburn, bug bites

Peppermint - indigestion, nausea, arthritis, bruises, congestion, bug bites, headaches

Lemon - detox, memory aid, acne, anxiety

Frankincense - asthma, anxiety, skin care, depression, inflammation, infections, immune booster, stress

Thieves (blend) - colds & flu, strep throat, headaches, viruses, infections, cold sores

Copaiba - inflammation, minor infections, digestive support

Panaway (blend) - sore muscles, cramps, arthritis, headaches, swelling, sprains

Purification (blend) - mold, cuts, scrapes, stings, bug bites, odors

R.C. (blend) - sore throats, stuffy noses, coughing, congestion

Digize (blend) - tummyaches, indigestion, cramps, gas, bloating

Stress Away (blend) - use it for perfume...simply melt your stress away:)

/// Young Living's Everyday Oil Collection

Young Living is different and I believe in their products.  They go beyond organic in their processes and provide the best possible 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in the industry.  I trust in theirSeed to Seal process, which helps me feel confident in the quality of the oils I use.




The best way to purchase these fabulous oils and get the support you need to succeed using essential oils in your home is to become a member/distributor of Young Living.


By becoming a Young Living (YL) member you will receive a 24% discount off of the regular retail price.  And, you don't have to SELL anything ever (unless you simply can't resist spreading your enthusiasm!).  As you use the oils and become more familiar with them (and fall in love with them) you might want to begin sharing stories with family and friends, and then you have the option (NOTE: option) of earning commission when others join and purchase YL oils.  Awesome news!

There is no obligation ever to build a business - if you want to build a business, then call yourself a distributor, if you don't but still want to purchase the oils with a 24% discount then call yourself a customer and SAVE $$$.



If you want to get started right away with the biggest savings, then I highly recommend choosing the Premium Everyday Oils Kit for $160.  There are other options to choose from, but this gives you access to a diffuser and 10 oils right away.  It's a $274 value for only $160!  Wow!  Here's a look at everything in the kit...


You can't beat getting 11 oils, the diffuser, samples of other oils and several other goodies for that price.  Alone, you would pay $75 for the diffuser!


The other two kits that are available are $75 and $40.


The $40 kit comes with samples but NO diffuser OR the set of 10 oils.



The $75 kit includes the samples and the diffuser, but NO kit of 10 oils.


Once you start diffusing oils - you won't want to stop!  Again, your BEST VALUE is the $160 kit.  The only time I recommend the $40 kit is if someone is anxious to get started, but the budget just doesn't fit with the $150 investment.


Sound enticing?  Let's get rolling...




  • Click HERE to begin enrolling now

  • Select Independent Distributor so you can become a member - the only way to get these beautiful kits at a savings and START SAVING 24% off of retail prices

  • My member number is 1217162 - please enter this in the enroller ID & sponsor ID fields

  • Complete all of the information

  • Write down your pin, username, and password - you'll need those later

  • Choose the "PREMIUM START LIVING KIT"  This is the kit with the oils, the diffuser, and the other samples.  Or choose from the other 2 kits if they fit better with your lifestyle.

  • Scroll through the Essential Rewards Kits and click "no thank you, I plan on enrolling in Essential Rewards later".  And, then email me later for more information about the benefits of Essential Rewards.

  • Add any oils and/or products that you would like in addition to your kit.  If you add 190PV or more you will earn an additional FREE product.

  • Check out - woo hoo!  You are now a member of this exciting, wellness company - YOUNG LIVING.  Now all you have to do is wait for the arrival of your ahhhh-mazing oils!


While you are waiting on your products to arrive, please email me with any questions at or check out and interact on my facebook page at


I am so excited for you!!!  Enjoy the journey and...



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