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Rebecca DeClerk


Yoga was something I didn’t know I needed until I went to my first class. I was in high

school, the local gym in small-town Pocahontas had $5 classes. As a teenager, I had anxiety and bouts of depression, during that class I was more relaxed than I had ever experienced. I’d be lying if I said I was entranced and continued a yoga practice for the next 10 years. Although I wish I would have. I didn’t. I ended up rediscovering yoga 5 years later. A friend suggested we go and I remembered that sweet feeling of letting the world melt away from my shoulders. Since then I have kept up with regular practice, mostly experiencing Vinyassa practice up until my teacher training at Bee Well in the Spring of 2020. At Bee Well, I have dipped a toe in the vast history and practice of yoga through the Vinyasa program and Restorative program. Vinyasa has taught me to focus through movement and breathwork allowing me to find a deeper connection with my mind and body. Restorative practice has shown me the benefit of rest and creating space for healing. My full-time job is working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in a nursing home, helping others and finding healing is my passion. The benefits of yoga are too good not to be shared. In my classes I want the mind to feel at ease knowing the body and breathe are in a rhythmic flow. Outside of work and yoga, I am also continuing my education at the UofA online. When I’m not in scrubs, on the mat, or in the books I fill my time being outside, kayaking, hiking, and enjoying the lake.

Rebecca DeClerk
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