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Storybee Yoga


An adventure in movement, music and imagination.


Storybee Yoga is a movement-based program infused with the magic of stories.  Each class unveils a new story through song, breath, stillness and yoga poses.  Children will experience reading, art, outdoors, expression, relaxation, community and learning to love oneself.  Classes are customized based on location.  Ages birth - 12.


Silly Yoga Feet
Beginning Yoga Partners
Yoga Poses

This is not yoga for adults.  It is yoga for kids!  Kids love to play and be silly.  Yogi says, red light/green light, guess that pose, bear hunt and many, many, many rhymes and riddles make yoga FUN and that's exactly how it should be.

Warrior 1 is a strong and proud warrior.  Warrior 2 is a gentle and calm warrior.  Warrior 3 is an honest and true warrior.  Yoga poses teach the kiddos about strength, gentleness, balance, determination and so much more.

Kids Outside Yoga
Sitting Still

When you are an adult sitting still is hard.  Imagine how it must feel for a little ball of energy to sit still.  Learning how to sit and be still while the world is going crazy around you is a life-long treasure.  

Kids Yoga Circle

Can you take a deep breath?  How about a grumpy breath?  What does a happy breath feel like?  Can you breathe like a snake?  Or how about a lion?  Breathing can help kids deal with so many emotions when they just don't have the words to express how they feel.  

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Yoga for kiddos ages birth - 12 years!  Private yoga sessions for you and your family, yoga at your child's preschool and yoga at the local community center.  Ready for some fun?

Kids Yoga Feet
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