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I And love is in the air this month (when isn't it?). And so we begin our four week exploration of this topic of love (but we could go on and on and on).

When I think of the people I love, I notice the sense of safety I feel when I am with them. I am safe to be who I am. I am safe to laugh and cry and sing and dance and share freely. I am safe because I have a sense of belonging, a sense of feeling accepted and a sense of feeling at home.

This feeling of being at home can come from within us. Being safe, at home and belonging within my own body, reminds me of this radiance sutra that was shared with me by my teacher, Lorin Roche. It is my inspiration for this week's writing and sharing...

Translated by Lorin Roche

The One Who Is at Play Everywhere says,

There is a space in the heart where everything meets.

Come here if you want to find me.

Mind, senses, soul, eternity – all are here.

Are you here?

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.

Listen to the song that is always resonating.

Give yourself to it with total abandon.

Quiet ecstasy is here,

And a steady, regal sense of resting in in a perfect spot.

You who are the embodiment of blessing,

Once you know the way,

The nature of attention will call you to return.

Again and again,

Answer that call and be saturated with knowing,

“I belong here, I am at home.”

Our mantra for the week is...

I belong here.

I am at home here.

Our journaling prompt is…

What does it feel like to belong? In community? In life? In your body?

What emotions are associated with a sense of belonging? What emotions do you feel when you feel as if you don't belong?

Where do you feel these emotions in your body?

And our meditation is...

Find a comfortable seat. This can be sitting on the floor, in a chair. This can be laying down or even standing with support. You can choose to keep your eyes open or close them gently.

Connect to the sensation of your breath. Say "I am breathing in. I am breathing out." for 7-10 breaths. Be here in the breath.

Begin to focus on the space of your heart. Feel the bliss, joy and love that exists here. Say, "I belong here. I am at home here" Repeat this statement and watch how your heart softens and grows with a sense of belonging.

This sense of belonging is about feeling at ease with your life, at ease in your body, at ease with all of who you are. As you repeat these words, you are affirming that you are (learning to) accepting all of who you are.

I belong here

I am at home here

I am loved

I am supported

I belong here

Pause and allow yourself plenty of time to slowly return to your day.


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