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The day of rainbows and unicorns

There are days and then there are magical days. My husband says (quite often), "life isn't all rainbows and unicorns!" "Ah, but it is," I reply. Life can BE magical - every day. If, if only, if only you allow yourself to be present.

Isn't that what yoga teaches us? To be present. Not to simply show up, but to truly see what is happening within us and surrounding us. To see the magic and beauty and mystical awe of each and every moment, of each and every object of each and every living thing. To live in awe. If only we were present, we would see the magic that happens EVERY day.

Yes. Yes. YES. There IS tragedy and pain and suffering and just simply suck-the-life-out-of you days, BUT even on the worst days - aren't we all still searching for that mystical awe? On the worst day of your life, were you not still looking for the light? Were you not still searching for that moment of healing - that moment of, "yes, I'm still breathing and yes, I am still here and yes, I will live through this and yes, I can live unbroken and yes, I can still see the magic."

Life can be magical...IF...

if we look

if we listen

if we feel

if we allow ourselves to heal

if we are present...

in the light


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