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To begin…or to end...


During my first post-college interview I was asked the question: which do you like better - beginning a project or finishing one? Since this was one of my first interviews...EVER...this question proved to be quite difficult. I hadn't had much experience. Or so I thought. In fact, I simply discounted all of my life experiences and thought singularly about my "on the job" experience, which was quite literally, none.

So, I sat and felt uncomfortable and maybe even squirmed a little in my chair. I finally answered what I thought would be an appropriate answer. Which was simply - I like both. I like to start and finish projects. What was lacking in this brief answer was the explanation of why. The depth of why?

I didn't get that job. However, the interview question has stuck with me. And, I would truthfully still answer that I like both beginning and finishing projects - my answer now would differ only in the explanation. The depth of why. And, of course, relating all of this back to my yoga practice which has helped me to discover that depth.

So, why beginning? The beginning is the newness. The excitement of the unknown of what is to come. The process of discovery. The planning and creating. Beginning is all joy and diving in and the absence of fear.

And, why finishing? The end is in sight. The feeling of accomplishment. The relief that it is over. It is confidence and learning from mistakes and seeing how far you have come.

But, the middle (which the interviewer did not ask about)? The middle of something - that's the hard part. The middle is where doubt is born. The point where decisions are made to move forward or to give up. Gone is the excitement of the beginner and the end is too far to see. Perseverance is built here. Or it is not.

So, which do you prefer?

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