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Sonoma 2016 - can you believe it?

Last year my sister Laura and I ventured to Costa Rica with 17 yogis and had an amazing, emotional, growth-worthy, challenging and adventurous time. It was the first time either of us had led a retreat and we decided to do it together. Our relationship suffered bruises and bumps during the process but we came out on the other side with a few less open wounds. Don't we all have open wounds from our childhood? And we can choose to keep covering them with bandaids that don't really stick or we can look at them, see them for what they are and begin to heal. Some of our wounds will heal with severe scaring and others will heal with no visible trace of what was before. But if we just choose to ignore those never really acknowledge them for what they are...well, then aren't we just missing out on what we could be if we were whole? Whole and abundant souls. That's what we are seeking. Abundance of love, abundance of adventure, abundance of seeking our truth. Don't you want a little of that? I do. Laura does. So, that's why we created this retreat. Sonoma 2016 - Harvesting the Abundance of Your Spirit. Won't you join us on this journey?

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