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Good Enough

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a yoga workshop. Every time that I have attended a yoga workshop, I have found three common things…

1) I learn something new

2) I fall in love with yoga all over again

3) I am exhausted.

This time was no different. I fell in love with yoga all over again and wanted to share a little part of the weekend with all of you...

It was a Bhakti Yoga weekend with Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band. Soulful and sweet. Poetry and art, movement and love. Here is the resulting poem from one of our sessions…inspired by the stories of Mirabai, Rumi and Oriah.

There is a fear of never being good enough

And it rests, never

It sits sometimes in the front seat and sometimes in the back

And that doubt is so very LOUD

…and annoying

It makes me tired, so very tired

Does it make you tired too?

Then, let it go and let them go too

Let go of all those that make you feel less than good enough

Certainly don't let go of feeling

But, do let go

Release those that would want you to keep holding on

To keep holding on to

Not being good enough

It is not you that is shining at that moment

It is merely an illusion

For certainly you are

You are enough

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